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The Advantages of Psychometric Testing

Psychometric Assessments – Are They Just a gimmick or Really Worth Using?

According to Forbes.com and Harvard Business review; the most successful companies hire on attitudes rather than skills.

Let’s look at it a different way; how many times have you found a candidate with a great CV and thought they were perfect for the role to find in the interview they:

  1. Were way too assertive and tried to control the interview

  2. Were not assertive enough for the role

  3. Had no personal skills despite applying for a customer facing role

And these are just some of the characteristics you could pick up in an interview; what about the things which may take months to find out once you’ve employed them.

Here are a few ways Psychometrics can help you when recruiting for a new team member

Psychometrics will only help in some roles:

This is a common misconception and very understandable as why would a warehouse operative need to go through psychometric assessments.

It is true that higher level roles which require greater interpersonal skills benefit more from using psychometrics. but does your warehouse operative need to have high attention to detail to ensure things are done right every time or a good work ethic?

Most psychometric assessments have 5-15 different “soft Skills” which are measured depending on the job type. These include everything from competitiveness and accepting responsibility to being emotionally resilient and has a good work ethic.

Less Reliance On Interviews

How competent are you or your managers at interviewing candidates, are you trained in critical incident questioning or other techniques in uncovering true facts?

Do you want to rely simply on your judgment or a manager’s judgement of a candidate to find out 1, 2 or 3 months later that they are not fit for the job or have been lying about a serious issue?

With more than 75% of employers admitting they have hired the wrong person, most companies small and large need all the help they can get to find the right candidate. Yet a lot of small and medium-sized companies rely on an interview as their main step for screening.

Protect yourself against Potential Discrimination Claims

We like to believe all employers will hire the best candidate for the role yet this isn’t always the case which can leave some candidates feeling unsure if they didn’t make the cut due to discrimination.

If in any potential discrimination case you use “gut” feeling or “we got on better” as your main basis for hiring a candidate; it may leave you wide open to deliberation. While if you use statistical measurements which are provided in a report to hire a candidate, this can be used in any case to prove your choice.

Save Time and Money

Save time in sifting – what percentage of your candidates are completely unfit for the role you are advertising for? On average, over 70% of candidates upload their CVs to every available job on a job site rather than specifically applying for roles they hare qualified for. With psychometrics and a candidate management you can see which candidate scored the highest for your role before you even looking at their CV.

Save time in Interviewing – how often to you get a candidate to an interview stage to find within 2 minutes you know they won’t be fit for your role or fit within your team? With psychometrics you can filter out these candidates before wasting time interviewing them.

Save time with Qualification questions – most decent psychometric assessment systems also have a section for qualification questions; this is where candidates which don’t meet specific necessary criteria like having a valid UK job permit can be filtered out.

Get a True Picture of Candidates

Would you not like as much information as you can get on a candidate before making a decision to hire them?

We discussed earlier how large organisations put more emphasis on Attitude than on skills as it is easy and fast to teach skills while nearly impossible to change attitudes.

To get a full picture of the candidates applying, you’re going to want to know if they A. have the skills you want for the role and B. if they have the attitude needed for the role. This attitude is probably more important than the skills as it can’t be changed and is very hard to determine in an interview.

Talk to the Psychometric Testing Experts

At igent recruit, we have teamed up with one of the UKs leading psychometric and personality testing companies to help you find and identity the right candidates for your specific role.

With the igent recruit system you will get:

  1. Advertising on the UKs major job sites – ensuring the right candidates find your job advert

  2. The use psychometric assessments tailored to your role – to identify the candidates who are best suited to your role

  3. General behavioural (DISC) assessments for every candidate – to guide you to which candidates will best fit within your organisation

  4. Advanced candidate management system – to cut down the admin time to find your candidate by more than half

Like to know more?

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