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Should Your Business Be Using Psychometric Testing?

Psychometric tests are becoming popular as ways of getting the right person for the job. Because hiring the wrong person can be so costly tests of this nature can be the deciding factor in getting the right person for the job.

To get the right type, the right calibre of person for the role, psychometric testing is being used as a way of finding someone with the right skills. But what is so great about psychometric testing?

Personality Psychometric Questions

Psychometric testing works with personality rather than actual skills such as attitude and cognition. They’re usually around 20 minutes long and the candidate will be asked questions which are cultural and behavioural in nature.  They’ll test your decision -making skills, how stable you are in manipulating your environment and how cautious you are – as in whether you can assess and determine your environment and keep things on an even keel. It is mean to give the employer an insight into the type of person they are culturally and helps to determine whether they are aligned with the job they’ve applied for.

It’s always best not to take them too seriously however, and that the tests are not discriminatory in any way because an unfair bias won’t help you to find the best people. Therefore, always approach with caution.

Always Use Other Methods Alongside Psychometric Tests

It is best to still continue using your standard interview methods and only use psychometric tests as a small part of it. These tests should act as an aid, but not a sole determinant of whether the person can do the job. Everyone should be taking the same tests as well as the same type of interview, that way everyone is treated fairly. Also, keep in mind your candidates will be nervous and their answers will be determined by how they’re feeling on the day and the kind of environment they sit the test in.

Hiring the Right Person is Crucial

What these tests should do is give you a clearer view of the type of person you’re interviewing and help you to see their potential and whether they might be suited to the type of work they’ll be doing. However, back this up with the standard questions you’d ask in a traditional interview where you can delve in deeper in to whether that type of person is right for the job.

CVs, Interviews, Discussions

There is a place for personality psychometric testing, but they should be used alongside more traditional methods, so a broad overview is achieved of the person you’re interviewing. Don’t forget to include their CV too, is it a strong one, is there something in there you like? All interviews then should be using more than one method to screen the best candidate, and not relying on one method. A multi-faceted approach is always the best way forward. Discuss your candidates with your work colleagues, the ones that sit in on the interviews and can also give you their take on what they feel about each individual candidate. Having the right kind of discussions, a strong CV, a traditional interview asking the right questions and personality psychometric tests can also contribute towards helping you to hire the right person for the job.

Igent Recruit – Psychometric Test Recruitment Experts

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