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What to Expect From An Assessment Centre

Assessment centres are a very important step in the process of recruitment, especially for larger organisations. If you’ve been invited to one, then we’re here to help you prepare in advance.

Naturally all assessment centres are very different, but we have some guidance that we think will help you understand what you’re going to face when you’re there.

Firstly, we think it makes sense to read everything you’ve been given that tells you about the assessment centre you’re going to be visiting. There are different structures and tasks, so it helps to be prepared. If you prepare properly in advance it’s less likely there’ll be any nasty surprises when you arrive.

Psychometric Test

Some assessment centres include these tests. It may be the case that you’ve already been asked to take some of these tests already before you go to the assessment centre, so you’ll be well prepared. Have a look online and see if you can find some more of these types of tests as it will give you plenty of practice.

Interaction, time management, leadership and planning

You’ll be assessed on a variety of different things, things such as leadership, time management and planning, as well as the psychometric tests we’ve already mentioned. Your ability to interact with others will be something the assessors will be keen on, so think about how you communicate and present yourself.

Eat well, get a good night’s sleep

In order to prepare yourself well for the day make sure you eat well so that your energy levels are high and make sure you get a good night’s sleep the day before and start the day off with a good, healthy breakfast.

Contribute, interact and listen

There’ll also be some group tasks as well as ones you do by yourself. In group tasks you’ll be working with employers and other candidates and naturally, leaders will want to see how well you interact with others. How do you deal with louder people, and how do you make sure you don’t take over, and that everyone get’s an opportunity to join in? Assessors will need to see who works well within different dynamics. If you make an effort to include those who are the quietest so that everyone gets a chance to speak, then that will look good in front of the assessors.

Act natural

However also keep in mind that it’s also important to act as naturally as possible, nobody wants to see you talking more than anyone else and taking all the attention. Your contribution to group tasks should be as valuable as your individual ones. It’s quality over quantity.

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