The Online Recruitment Agency With a Difference.

how it works

Maximise Exposure

Job posted within 12 hours on more than 7 different job boards around the UK

Get the candidates to do the work for you

rather than sifting through CVs, applicants will apply through the job sites and run through the psychometric assessments which provide you with the accurate reports

Have complete Control of your applicants

You can view all the applicants, their assessment results and CVs in our portal

Minimise your time

Our candidate management system will allow you to:

  • Sort and filter the applicants as you wish
  • Remove applicants who failed the qualification questions you set out
  • Send rejection emails with just 2 clicks of a button using a pre-scripted template email or personalise it to your liking
  • Invite candidates to interview with just 2 clicks on a button using a pre-scripted template email or personalise it to your liking

Hire more candidates at no extra cost

Your candidates will remain in our system for you to come back to at any time. You can choose to re-contact and hire a candidate from a round of advertising at any time from the system with no extra cost.

hire the ideal employee for only £399

frequently asked questions

What job sites will my advert by shown on?

Your advert will be posted on; Monster, Totaljobs and Indeed just to name a few.

This is just part of the reach, some of the sites we post on post on additional sites to generate extra exposure

How long will it take for my advert to go live?

All adverts are manually reviewed before posting to ensure your advert meets the job boards criteria. This ensures your advert avoids being rejected causing you to incur extra cost. This take few hours so your advert will go live between 4 and 12 working hours after you’ve placed your order. As a result we normally recommend by the following working day your advert will be live and have had some exposure

Will my advert have my company name/logo on?

To be able to offer this fantastic package at such a low rate we’ve teamed up with one of the UK leading job posting companies. They are able to achieve this fantastic rates due to the volume of adverts they post but the job boards don’t allow them to post with customer logos. This is a possibility but will add significant extra cost to the advertising

Will we guarantee to get the right candidate

Getting the right candidate it dependent on a number of criteria, many of which are out with our control. We are able to offer a simple guarantee of a minimum of 15 applicants per vacancy.

What is the difference between the Psychometric assessment and the DISC profile?

These are both Psychometric tests but offer very different aspect/information/views on the candidate. The Psychometric assessment is a specific assessment of the candidate’s qualities based on the job role selected; this very accurately determines if they have the personality skills for the job role. The DISC profile is a standard description of the candidate’s personality which has nothing to do with the job role. This is information is a great way of determining if the candidate will fit within your company,

How accurate are the psychometrics and personality tests?

These tests have been used by large organisation and recruitment companies for the last 10 years, the psychometric test we use are built by psychometricians and have been refined over the last 6 years. There is always an element of discrepancy but we normally say they are accurate to within 15%. This means a candidate who is in the middle of the green for a characteristic maybe 1 square up or down but won’t be vastly different in reality to the test results.

Will it cost me more to take more than 1 candidate from my advert?

The price we advertise is per job posting, this includes posting on the major job sites, unlimited applicants replying, unlimited applicants use the psychometrics and personality tests. You can hire 1 person from this recruitment or multiple the choice is yours at no extra cost.

What payment methods can I use?

We appreciate many customers have different preferences in payment methods so we accept:

  • Card (VISA, MASter card…….)
  • Paypal
  • Bank Transfer

hire the ideal employee for only £399