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Fed up Sifting through CVs

So your business is growing and you need more staff or you’ve simply lost a member of staff that you need to replace.

Where do you start?

Like most small and medium sized businesses looking to hire a new member of staff you probably want to keep costs down, so you’ve tried the do it yourself method. Advertising either directly on one or more of the UKs major job boards or through a Flat Fee or Fixed Fee recruitment company which can get you on most or all of these job boards for a fixed fee.

Sure, this is a great place to start as it should get your role the exposure it needs to attract candidates. Assuming you’ve written a good advert and the price is right for the role/experience you want you should be inundated with candidates.

But where do you go from here?

Well this is the problem with this method;

  • You have a whole load of emails with CVs and covering letters
  • You need to open each 1 to determine
  • If the candidate even has the qualification/work permit or other essential criteria you need?
  • If the candidate has the experience needed?
  • Will the CV give you enough about the candidates personality to work out if they are going to be late all the time, disappear after 2 weeks, cause problems with your team or even worse your customers?

Maybe you’ve been through these pains already like we have and decided to just bite the bullet and use a recruitment company.

Recruitment companies will really help cut the recruitment time down for you by:

  • Doing the advertising for you
  • Preselecting the candidates based on the criteria you’ve given them
  • Good recruitment companies will even use Psychometrics and personality testing to determine which candidates have the “Soft Skills” for your role


Sounds good doesn’t it, but recruitment companies have their downsides too:

  • They are relatively expensive, normally asking for 15%-20% of the first years’ salary
  • They have a vested interest in finding you a candidate quickly so they may select the best candidates from a bad bunch rather than recruiting further for the ideal candidate.
  • The cheaper recruitment companies won’t normally use Psychometric and or Personality testing software to determine if the candidates have the right soft skills for your role

After 10 years in business we’ve tried all of these methods and were frustrated with the time and hassle it took advertising directly ourselves and dissatisfied with recruitment companies due to their cost and results.

So, we looked at how large organisations recruited candidates and how recruitment companies themselves pre select and filter candidates.

This is where igent recruit was conceived – we partnered with one of the UK’s leading Psychometric and Personality testing companies to bring big business recruitment methods to small businesses at a fraction of the costs.

We realised we could just use the same software recruitment companies used directly to save our clients thousands of pounds?

Our mission at igent recruit is to:

  • Bring down the cost of recruiting staff members to just £399 or less
  • Reduce the time for recruiting members of staff by at least 5 times
  • Help our customers be at least 10 times better informed on their candidates suitability to the role before even getting to the interview stage
  • Get the exposure needed on the UK’s major job sites to ensure the right candidates will see your advert.


Want to know more? – Check out our website www.igentrecruit.co.uk

Ready to give it a try?


We realise trying something new can feel risky, so we give every new customer £100 off your first recruitment run.


Drop us an email at info@igentrecruit.co.uk to get your £100 voucher.

Bobby Mitchell


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