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Why Does Recruitment Take So Long?

We’re going through that thorny issue of why it takes so long to recruit the right person for the right job. Recruitment isn’t simply about the interview and then hiring the best person, we only wish it were. There’s the advertising, the sifting through the list of applicants, the interviewing, and then trying to pick the best candidate, someone who will fit in with your organisation and stay for the long haul.

Fear of getting it wrong

Sometimes, though, it can take longer than it needs to and that can be for a variety of different reasons. For instance, the fear of hiring the wrong candidate can be so strong that organisations can be too wary when it comes to choosing someone. The turnover of finding you’ve hired the wrong one can be expensive, the person might walk because they were never right for the job, or you may have to fire them because they’re a bad fit and it’s just not working out.

Basic skills

What can also happen is that the candidates aren’t great to start with. Perhaps the job wasn’t advertised in the right way to facilitate getting the best candidates, perhaps it wasn’t seen in the places where the best people for the role are likely to hang out. They may not have even the basic skills to begin with, but you have to shortlist anyway, and possibly, you won’t even see this until they’ve started the job.

Long interview processes

The interview process itself can take longer than it really needs to with candidates interviewing more than once for the same job. The whole process can take months, sometimes up to a year.

What can you do to avoid this?

The recruitment process can be improved upon with slicker interview processes, and updates on jobs being more accessible and seen in the right places so the right candidates get to see their ideal job. Using psychometric testing to find better quality candidates alongside more traditional interviews can help enormously too, and rather trying to do it all yourself, using the reputable services of a recruitment agency. We’d like to recommend ourselves, Igent Recruit, as we have many years’ experience in recruitment and we can certainly help make finding the right candidate for the job so much easier – and cut down the time it takes. Why not contact us today?

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