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How to Retain Employees and Keep Them Happy and Hard Working

It’s becoming more and more important to have a strategy to keep hold of your staff. If your employees are engaged, loyal to your company and profits are high then what are you doing to keep them happy and on-board? We’re going to be discussing, how to retain your employees and keep them happy.

If you have a good employee, how can you be a good employer?

There are several different ways you can do this. Being clear about boundaries and expectations, leading by example through strong leadership and giving clear directions of what is required is a good way to start.

Face-to-face contact

Rather than make your regulations and policies via the intranet or paperwork, why not make sure your employees know where they stand by speaking to them face-to-face. You can have both, policies and face-to-face talks, but by using the personal touch you’ll give your employees a great start from their first day. It’s important they see the boss as a real person, someone who’s on their side, rather than as somebody cold and distant who makes no effort to communicate with the workers.

Trust, believe and encourage your team to be better

Give your employees more to do and demonstrate how you trust them to get the job done. By giving them more responsibilities, you’ll be helping them to grow in confidence and at the same time helping them to acquire new skills. Also, show them the respect you have for them and always look for opportunities to show how much you appreciate what they do for your company.

Criticism, feedback + confidence = employee happiness

If you feel it necessary to give criticism/feedback, then try to put a positive spin on it. Perhaps there’s a particular skill they’re not doing very well, and you need to talk to them about it, but choose your words carefully. Don’t break their confidence, leave them with something that makes them still feel enthusiastic, and to grow in confidence, this will only benefit both them and you, because the better they feel about themselves, the better the productivity.

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