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How to Be Successful in a Job Interview

Job interviews may only take as little as 20 minutes or anything up to an hour, but in that time everything you say will contribute to whether you get the job or not. It’s probably the most important time of your life, and naturally you’ll want to make the right impression and say all the right things. It’s not always easy and because we know how nerve racking a job interview can be, we’ve devised a short guide on how to be successful in a job interview.

First Impressions Count

Firstly, make sure you dress appropriately because first impressions count and it’s the first thing they’ll see when you walk in. You want to appear well-groomed, but always research the company culture when it comes to dress code and make sure your outfit matches the position you seek. If you’re unsure you could call them first and ask whether there’s a particular dress code before attending the interview.

Preparation is Key

It’s a good idea to prepare for the interview beforehand and practice what kind of questions you’re going to have and how you’ll respond. You also need to think about the type of questions you’re going to ask them, questions that will highlight the skills you think you can bring to the position. Make sure the questions you ask bring attention your experience, evidence of past success in other similar jobs will help them to see you’re the ideal person for the job.

Anticipate and Practice

What kind of things do you think the interview team are going to ask, what kind of concerns will they have about your suitability for this particular job? They need to be able to shortlist down to the right candidates, so they can find the right person. Think about any reasons they may have for not hiring you, this could be anything from your lack of particular relevant skills for the job, or lack of experience in a previous role. Anticipate your answer and practice what you’ll say to reassure and convince them that you’re the right person for the job.

Enthusiasm and Some Positive Comments At The Start Will Set You In Good Stead

Come to the interview enthusiastic and eager to participate, we mentioned earlier about first impressions, and some studies have confirmed that interviewers will make their minds up in the first 5 minutes. So, make sure those 5 minutes count and that you give the best impression of yourself, dress well and make sure you have all your questions ready. Start off with a positive comment, show how much you’ve been looking forward to this interview, thank them for their time. Make sure you have your questions for the interviewer ready.

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