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Top Tips For Retaining Employees

If you’re eager to keep your staff, those valuable team members you’ve invested so much in then you’ll want to do all you can to keep them with your company. In this post we’re looking how to retain your employees, the good ones, the ones you can’t believe you were lucky enough to find in the first place.

Communication – building blocks for good working relationships

One of the first crucial skills you need in order to retain your employees is to communicate well with your team. It’s all about tone of voice, eye contact and body language. The way you use your hands, the position of your body when you’re communicating with them. Meaning is often derived from non-verbal cues, and it may not always represent accurately what you are feeling. Meet in person as well as on screen, and cut back on those Skype meetings, that way your verbal cues will have less chance of being misunderstood. If you have staff that work remotely, make sure you get to meet up with them at least 3 times a year, show you care as much about your remote workers as you do about those in your office.

Good supervision is crucial

Make sure you supervise your team well, making sure that each and every one of your employees is valued, that there is clarity on everything you ask of them. Clarity on expectations, earnings and performance are important, and always make sure you have scheduled meetings that you always stick to. You can’t be everyone’s best friend, and you’re not there to win a popularity contest, liking you just isn’t enough. You need to be consistent, fair and crystal clear on what you expect from your employees.

Let your employees speak their minds

Do your employees feel comfortable speaking their mind? This is important, they should feel comfortable in expressing their views and giving feedback. They can work towards improvements much easier if they are allowed to express their views and criticise where relevant.

Don’t hold back on personal development and training

Good employees are going to want training, they’re going to be interested in improving their personal development, and finances allowing, don’t hinder them. They’ll want to contribute to areas of interest outside their remit, perhaps they’re ambitious, they could be aiming for management. Help them, encourage them and take time to get to know their areas of strength, experience and skills.

Recruit Smartly in the First Place

Igent Recruit’s advanced psychometric testing software helps you find the right fit for your business and the position you are seeking to fill. Personality is important, so go beyond the old CV and interview technique and delve deeper to get a better idea of who your candidates are and how they will perform in future.

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