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Using Psychometrics to Find the Right Personality For Your Business

If you’re looking to recruit a new employee, or even several, then the prospect of sifting through a pile of CVs can be daunting. What you really want to do is cut through the bravado and find a new team member that fits the culture of your workplace.

With this in mind, you should consider the advantages of psychometric testing recruitment and candidate management offered by Igent. We fully automate recruitment, collating candidate information into an easy to use system and use psychometric tests early in the process to ensure you only have to look over the details of candidates who have the potential to fit in to your business seamlessly, selecting from this narrow pool those that you wish to interview.

Personality Matters

In the workplace an employee’s personality is immensely important. Managers across industries would agree that hiring someone that is motivated, reliable and goal-orientated is highly desirable, however, it is not easy to identify individuals that are lazy, with little desire to progress or develop before they have been hired. Research shows that certain personality tests can assist in establishing the future behaviour, work satisfaction and potential success of candidates. Testing personalities during recruitment and selecting those with traits that are suited to your business will improve your recruitment success and increase your staff retention, and lower employee turnover.

Aspects of Personality

The Five Factor Model breaks personality up into five broad categories, which are; conscientiousness, neuroticism, extroversion, agreeableness, openness to experience. Each of these can be broken down into sub-categories that give a deeper understanding of an individual’s personality. It has to be kept in mind that even if a candidates personality traits are all the right fit for a company their values have to be the right fit as well, if not, they may well lack motivation in the job.

The Limits of a CV & Interview

A CV and interview can be useful to get a rough idea of a candidate’s experience and skills, however, a CV is created by the candidate and interviews can bring out nerves and not give a true picture of their personality, both making it difficult to pass judgement. On the other hand, psychometric testing is difficult to bluff on, providing objective data that is measurable and comparable, which is very valuable in the recruitment process.

What Can Igent Do For You?

Recruitment can be an arduous process, taking up time and money that you may not have, or want, to spend. Igent incorporates the slickness of online candidates management that does away with piles of paper and extensive filing, alongside tailored psychometric testing recruitment. From the very start, your candidates are assessed through an online application that includes psychometrics to get a true picture for the applicant. Each candidate will be graded against minimum criteria, with unsuitable candidates sent automated emails informing them of rejection, while a successful candidate will be ranked by suitability according to their personality score which is established through testing. For you, it is as simple as logging on and deciding which candidates you want to interview, no more wasting time sifting through CVs and undertaking interviews with unsuitable applicants.

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